Arashiyama Photo Plan

Photo shoot with sightseeing.

Come with us to Arashiyama where you can get your memories taken in the famous bamboo forest!

Places such as the Kimono Forest, Bamboo groove, 
Nonomiya shrine, Arashiyama Park, Katsura river and much more.

Get the feeling of an old traditional country side Japan. 
Arashiyama got a great amount shrines and temples, very photogenic.

↓Map and meeting info further down on this page. ↓


  • Private photographer guide
  • 3 skin retouched photos
  • All photos lightly retouched
  • All photos digitally sent online

    1 hour, about 50-100 high quality photo data.

Prices from:



Kimono rental & hair-setup
  ¥8,000 /person

Oiran makeup, kimono, hair-setup, eyelashes, nail tips
  ¥10,000 /person

Extra photo retouch, skin retouching, editing 
  ¥1,000 /photo

Meeting spot:

Easy access! Meeting spot is outside Saga-Arashiyama station south gate.