Gion & Higashiyama Photo Plan

Step into the Heart of Kyoto’s Heritage

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of Kyoto’s famed geisha district with me as your personal photographer. Gion’s picturesque streets, lined with traditional wooden machiya, teahouses, and lantern-lit alleys, offer a glimpse into the city’s storied past.

Journey alongside the historic Higashiyama District, where the charm of old Kyoto lives on through its narrow lanes, quaint shops, and serene temples.

This offering is perfect for individuals, couples, families, or small groups up to 10 people. For those with grander visions, a custom shoot is available.

Plan Highlights:

Location Ideas

  • Gion Streets Explore the heart of Kyoto’s geisha culture along the Shirakawa river and the charming lanes lined with traditional wooden machiya.
  • Kennin-ji Temple Kyoto’s oldest Zen temple invites tranquility with its sublime gardens and heritage-rich structures.
  • Yasaka Pagoda The striking pagoda stands as a timeless symbol of Kyoto, perfect for capturing the city’s historical essence.
  • Yasaka Shrine Delve into the spiritual atmosphere of this significant Shinto shrine, known for its traditional architecture and vibrant festivals.
  • Maruyama Park A favored spot for its vibrant seasonal displays, offering a lush backdrop for photos in nature.
  • Ninen-zaka and Nene no Michi Step back in time on these historic streets, embodying the preserved beauty of ancient Kyoto.
  • Chion-in Temple Discover the majestic grounds of Chion-in, with its imposing structures and sacred ambiance.
  • Kodai-ji Temple The serene and scenic gardens with the main temple and some cozy old cottages. A beautiful bamboo path will also enrich your photo journey. (Entrance fee required.)

(Note: Any entrance fees or travel expenses within the districts are not included and should be covered for the photographer.)

Duration: 1 to 6-hours available for booking.

Outfit: Your own outfit or dress to blend with the natural and traditional backdrop;
kimono rentals available for ¥8,000 per person.

Photo Deliverables:

All Original Data: All unedited, unretouched photos are always included.

Edited Photos: I’ll select and lightly edit the best shots to enhance their charm.

Retouched Photos: Natural retouching of selected photos to perfect those final touches, leave it to me.


Kyoto Express

1 hour

○ With up to 50 edited photos

○ 3 professionally retouched photos

○ All Original Data included

○ (Available earliest from 9:00)

Kyoto Essentials

2 hours

○ With up to 100 edited photos

○ 4 professionally retouched photos

○ All Original Data included

○ (Available earliest from 8:00)

Kyoto Half-day Shoot

3 hours

○ With up to 150 edited photos

○ 5 professionally retouched photos

○ All Original Data included

○ (Available earliest from 7:00)

Kyoto Full-day shoot

6 hours

○ With up to 300 edited photos

○ 12 professionally retouched photos

○ All Original Data included

○ (Start any time you want)

Additional Options:

Kimono rental & hair-setup
¥8,000 per person

Extra professional retouch
¥1,500 per photo

Early Morning Shoot
(Start any time before 7:30)
¥5,500 per shoot

Payment Information:

  • For shoots under ¥40,000, payment is to be made in cash on the date of the shoot.
  • Pre-payment via bank transfer or PayPal is required for bookings over ¥40,000 or with Kimono rental.
  • 50% refund is possible for pre-paid bookings with cancellations made between 3 to 9 days before the shoot.
    No refund for cancellations made 2 days or less before the shoot.


Reach out to book your Gion & Higashiyama Photo Plan now.

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